Environmental Policy

K.D. Flavell & Sons Welding Specialists - Policies

K D Flavell & Sons recognises its responsibility to protect the environment and pledges that it will, as far as it is safe, practical and economically sound, conduct its business activities in such a manner as to minimise any adverse environmental impact.

The company will promote its environmental policy as part of its overall commitment to quality, by the implementation of the following practices:

  • 1. Take account of environmental issues as part of the commercial decision making process.
  • 2. Comply with all legal requirements and relevant codes or practices.
  • 3. Where legislation does not exist, the company will maintain standards that reflect best working practice.
  • 4. Promote environmental awareness through training, and encourage full participation and commitment from all employees in carrying out the environmental policy.
  • 5. Establish targets that are clear, safe, practicable and economic, so as to achieve a progressive reduction in environmental impact on all parts of its operation.

The company will address all aspects of potential environmental impact, but will concentrate activity in the following areas:

  • 1. Virtual elimination of purchasing CFC aerosols from its suppliers.
  • 2. The inclusion in its product range of paper products that have been produced using 100% recycled raw materials.
  • 3. The increase in the use of biodegradable products where applicable.
  • 4. A systematic reduction in waste by the reuse and recycling of waste materials.
  • 5. The use of cars and vans, which run on either, lead free petrol or diesel.
  • 6. The safe storage, handling and disposal of substances and products which pose a hazard to health or the environment.

The optimisation of resources and the minimisation of waste, with respect to office supplies and equipment.